A Life Cut Short

David was born in Cleveland, Ohio, October 21, 1946 to Dominick and Ada Maiani. Youngest of three boys. Died at his home in Hayden, Idaho on January 17, 2009 of a massive heart attack doing what he lived for and loved to do. He and his wife, Chris, owned a small 43 acre ranch (M&M Ranch) where he raised angus cattle, horses and every other orphan animal that came his way. He was a collector of heavy iron. By that I mean he had tractors, trucks, busses, trailers, cars as well as everything he needed to get them running and keep them running. Many people considered his collection junk, but if you knew Dave, you knew that he treated them as treasures; diamonds in the rough (real rough).

Dave is survived by his wife, Chris; daughter Meghann and son, Marino. Meghann is married to a fine young man by the name of Bart McAlister. They gave birth to David's first grandchild, Ayla, and Meghann is pregnant with David's first grandson, who is yet to be named. Marino is engaged to a beautiful farm raised woman by the name of Emily Seney. They have chosen October 3, 2009 to tie the knot.

Dave was 62 years young and was the stereotypical alpha personality. There was never enough hours in the day to accomplish all his goals. In spite of never having time for all his projects, he always managed to find time for family and friends. He stayed in contact with his entire family, including relatives in Italy and the Republic of San Marino.

As a podiatrist (foot doctor), he was the kind of doctor one always wanted doctors to be; caring, compassionate, honest and an expert at his field. He was all of those and more. He was prone to make housecalls (remember them?) for patients too frail to make the trip to his office. He visited the assisted care facilities to help with things like trimming nails that may have been too difficult for his elderly friends. I say friends instead of patients because that is exactly what they were to him. He's left some mighty big shoes to fill in his profession. He was on the Idaho State Board of Podiatrists working to maintain high standards in a field he loved.

In the end, his drive and his ceaseless attention to the needs of family and friends seems to have been too much for such a big heart. I, my brother Domenic, our spouses, all our children and grandchildren will miss him deeply. He was a flawed man, like all of us are, but his attributes more than overshadowed his human frailties. Both, his frailties as well as his strengths will provide us with stories of his failures and his triumphs for generations. He may be gone, but he will never be forgotten.

Godspeed, Brother

I will add more dialog as I have time and I will add photos as well as videos if I can figure out how.

Feel free to post any comments you may want to share about your life with and around Dave. This invitation goes out to Dave's family here and abroad as well as all his friends and patients.

Sympathy and Love from Domenica and the Tentoni Family

To David:

Unfortunatly we didn't have enough time to spend together, being that we live in different countries, but when it happened it was a special event. We had a lot of fun the last time you came in San Marino and we enjoyed your presence.

You were a special man, a cousin that I would have loved to have closer to me and my family, a person of a great respect for other people, always gentle and full of love. We will miss you.You will always remain in our hearts.We will pray for you and pray for your family that God may give them the strength to carry on.

With love,

Your cousin, Domenica and family.

Photo Slideshow

Here is a link to a slideshow of photos we showed at David's memorial service.


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Dave The Cowboy

Doc had a friend who trained his horses for him and, as it turns out, he seems to be an accomplished cowboy poet. He churned out the following poem for Marino sometime in 2008. I think he did a fantastic job of capturing Dave in verse.

A few years back – reckon – about a score
Could be a few years less – or a tad bit more

I met a feller – that goes by Doc
A man among men – a solid rock

His friend introduced us – thought there’d sure be a fight
His composure was impressive – at my first sight

An educated man – you could tell at a glance
But a country boy as well – not a fancy pants

We talked about horses – n’ family and such
The things we loved most – that counted for much

He’s a fairly good hand – with livestock n’ all
And many he’s a friend to – as I do recall

He’ll ride a rank pony – n’ work is no stranger
Pretty gutsy caballero – won’t shy from no danger

Has a Doctor’s Degree – n’ some wrestling he’s done
Though if he’s ever backin’ ya – he’d never run

A mighty fine gal he finally hitched up to
How he managed that one – only God knew

Their offspring were two – a spicy girl, then a boy
The son’s demeanor outstanding, the daughter’s beauty like Helen of Troy

Now I know there’s some just – a minority still fair
But men like Ol’ Doc – are still mighty rare

Few there have been – that have struck such a high cord
And for men like your father – we thank the good Lord

He’s been packin’ beside me – in that big wilderness
Admiring God’s handy work – n’ relievin’ some stress

If you’re wondering who he is – he’s one and the same
Well pardner you guessed it – Dave Maiani’s the name

~Written by Ty Cobb, friend of David Maiani, for Marino Maiani in 2008